We are providing vlogging services in one of our creative services and for that, if anyone is interested then they have to register on our website for vlogging. We offer vloggers marketing services in various categories and in that whole process there are numbers of things in which there are includes:

Script Formation

Location planning

Shoot planning

Video Shoot / Live Shoot

Motion Graphics Planning and Production

Post Production Marketing

What is a Vlog?

As we can all see that the word ‘Vlog’ stands for ‘video blog’ and it means the content that you would write a blog post on, but instead you talk to a camera about it.

There are two types of Vlog are there one with a ‘talking-head’ video where the camera is on a tripod and stays steady while the other one is where the vlogger speaks about a subject or vlogger will take a camera with them and film clips as they go about their day or week.

Build a personal connection

It’s much easier to create a close connection with your audience through vlogging marketing than it is through writing or podcasting. There is something thoughtful about seeing someone speak to you, even if it is through the video! When your Vlog, you’re letting someone in to see a little piece of your life or thoughts.

Build audience loyalty

If you’ve already created an audience neither, vloggers marketing will help you to create a connection with them on a more personal level. And if you’re organization is new to the content game, vlogging on YouTube is a great place to start as the platform is also the world’s second-largest search engine.

Over a hundred crores hours of video are watched daily on YouTube. That means we will be uploading our content to a place where people are already looking for it.

There are generally ten types of categories that were found on the internet.

Review and Unboxing products

Pranks and comedy

Beauty / Fashion / Fitness

How to/ Education

Lifestyle Vlog


Movie/ TV / Book review


Pop Culture / Gossips

Click baits

1. Review & Unboxing Products

Whenever people buy stuff, they want to know more about the product. Moreover, people love to see what is inside the packing before buying the product. You are providing that service.

If you can generate a very instructive and honest review of the product, this type of video does great.

2. Pranks and Comedy

Everyone loves to see good pranks on Youtube. Prank and comedy videos are very popular. When viewers like the video, they tend to share it with others, so it is the potential to go viral. But it is easy to make. For good comedy, you have to create that character. For a good prank video, there are lots of prepping requires.

3. Beauty / Fashion / Fitness

People like to look beautiful, fit, healthy. It is one of the largest businesses for different types of products.

As a Youtuber, you are targeting this market. While you want to start this kind of video, you have to know what you are doing.

The whole concept is for you to be already pretty, healthy, and fit, so you can share it with others.

4. How to / Education

When anyone wants to learn something, they go to Youtube for help.

You are providing the service. If you can create a video explaining how to do certain things, viewers can find you through the Youtube search engine. Just like any other video, if your video is very valuable, it will get loads of views.

Education videos are usually watched over and over again by the viewers so it can be very helpful for your view count.

5. LifeStyle Vlog

Lifestyle vlog is showcasing your daily life to the Youtube universe.

You are doing a video diary and showing the world. The frequency of the vlogs can vary. Vlog is typically authentic and unscripted.

It’s better if your life is different and exciting, but not necessary. You can entertain people with great editing and fascinating creativity.

Someone in the different parts of the world can find you entertaining.

6. Gamer

Video games and the game platform is another big market. You are touching the market by capturing you playing the game.

The game channel focuses on gaming, gaming lifestyle culture. Gaming video includes Let’s Plays, walkthroughs, machinimas, and reviews of new games or gaming products. If you are a true gamer, they like to see others play the game on Youtube.

Gaming channel is highly competing because there are lots of gaming channels out there. Because it is easy to set up and create the video. So you have to be very good at the game or produce some fascinating take on the game to be successful.

7. Movie / TV / Book Reviews

People like to read reviews before they watch a movie, TV, or a book. 

Many people search for movies, TV, or book review all the time on Youtube. You are providing the service. If your review is very insightful and interesting, viewers can easily find your video using a Youtube search.

8. Travel

Everyone loves to travel but many can’t because of time or money. So they like to watch other videos in different places.

If you are a traveler, you can document your publication and share it with others.

9. Pop Culture / Gossips

Celebrity gossips and pop culture commentary is a very popular type of vlog.

Many people are interested in what you have to say about the latest celebrity controversies and news. If you are already following celebrity gossips and pop culture, this type of video may be for you.

10. Click Baits

Clickbait is a term for Youtube videos whose main purpose is to get users to click on a video. This is primarily done at the cost of quality or accuracy, relying on popular headlines or eye-catching thumbnail pictures. The purpose of clickbait video is to create curiosity from the viewers so they’ll click on the video and watch the video. I don’t recommend creators to mislead viewers because you can get penalized by Youtube. But you can constantly find what is trending at the time and create a video trading with the topic.