Why should you add vlogging to your marketing strategy?

74% of all internet traffic will be video. That indicates more limited text content and “old school” marketing tactics will be all but gone. The demand for video content is immediately growing and businesses are noticing that it’s more relevant than ever to incorporate a vlogging marketing strategy into their marketing platform. By adding videos into your marketing strategy, you are working to present your brand like never before and strike customers with show-stopping statistics. Here are some favorites.

  • The normal web user consumes 88% more time on a website that has video content
  • 59% of executives prefer to see videos than read a text-only article
  • 64% of customers are more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video.

Video contents are the most powerful social media marketing method. These figures should be sufficient to convince you that vlogging marketing strategy is the new frontier. But, if you want a little more convincing, keep reading. Find out why search engines love vlogging marketing strategy, and why you should too! Your brand and your customers will thank you.

Video has transformed the way brands market to their customers. Since vlogging marketing strategy has come into play, businesses have seen enhanced conversions over the board. What’s even more exciting is that customers are constantly interested in video blogging, or vlogging services. 

Vlogs are a usual blog content plus turn it into video content. In a Statistic survey, 32% of participants aged 18 to 34 years said that they watch a minimum of three vlogs per week. As vlogs continue to get favorability and traction from customers, your brand can use vlogging services to better cater to its customers and expand engagement.

Unluckily, not everyone is conscious of the benefits of vlogging services and how it supports businesses to drive transformations and reach their goals. Through vlogging services, your brand has the opportunity to turn a boring, static experience into an entertaining, interesting one. 

Let’s view the three reasons why your business needs to start creating vlog content today.

It creates a personalized experience.

  • With vlogging service, it’s easier for your customers to enjoy a personalized experience from your brand. Most companies only get as personal as their “about me” segments or static pictures of their teams. This encourages your customers to get to know you better, but there are steps to personalize the experience further with vlogging service.
  • Use vlogging platform to let customers see your day-to-day life, business operations, and whatever other content you want to show them. It’s something they don’t forever get to see, so it adds a unique touch to the experience.
  • When you connect video with blogging, it besides refines your brand and gives customers to feel connected to you. Mirror a one-on-one communication where both people are deliberately engaged. For brands with broader customers particularly, it’s a great way to form a connection with customers and ask them to invest in your business. 

It drives action.

  • Lead your customers through your vlogging service, and tell them what they should do to stay in touch with your business. Too many video producers ignore the opportunity to use video to drive engagement and increase conversions on their social media platforms. Or, they wait until the end of their videos to include calls to action.
  • Use calls to action early in your video content to boost conversions, increase engagement, push sales, and many more. Most customers avoid promotional content and aren’t interested in traditional advertisements. We live in an advertising world that’s almost impossible to get off from. So, if you can change the way customers see your brand, it makes all the difference.
  • Because vlogging platform offers personalization, it’s easier to persuade customers to take action so your business sees results. If you create video content that customers find appealing, helpful, and worthy, they’re likely to drive conversions. 

It promotes your content.

  • Because people already love to consume video content, you can use this to your advantage by hyping up your content. Vlogging services are a great way to give your customers a better look at your products or services so they can see about your brand and make a knowledgeable buying choice. 
  • Use vlogging platforms to present and promote new video content for your services and products. Tell customers why they need to have them, and make sure to prepare the advantages they get in doing so. If you only consider the characteristics of a product or service, it doesn’t explain how it helps your customers. Tell them how your vlogging services solve their issues, offer solutions, and provides to their businesses. 
  • When your brand comes out with a unique, exciting feature, we turn to vlog to promote it. Doing so ends in more traffic started to your website, improved sales, and more customer engagement. They give us a more reliable way to familiarize and teach customers so they can make a purchasing decision they feel positive about.
  • Even when your main goal is to produce conversions, video marketing makes it possible to market to customers without making it feel like a sales pitch. In your vlogs, avoid sales talk, and don’t push customers to do anything — it makes it that much more effective.

It’s your turn.

Vlogging services increase in popularity and views by the day as more customers prefer personalized interaction. If you’ve never created vlogging or video content for your company before, it’s time to use it now to your benefit.