Vlog, short term for video blog, is blogs in video format. It is a piece of content with visuals in it, carrying the message across. They often combine embedded video with short texts and images. Vlog is extremely popular on a video sharing platform called YouTube.

In recent years, vlog has seen a tremendous increase in popularity and is heavily used by every brand and organization. Vlogs are integrated on various social media platforms. Few stats states that people tend to remember 60% of what they hear and see the information than just hearing or reading content. Vlog is a game-changer in the world of marketing. It has proven to be the most effective medium to send messages across or give out a piece of information. It helps in reaching your targeted audience by giving them a human essence. One can level up their content marketing strategy using video blogs because it helps in giving more personal touch or personal experience to your customer as if the brand is speaking to you. People will be able to connect with your brand easily and understand what your brand or business stands for.

The bottom line remains is that about 70% of the audience watch videos and nonetheless they share these videos with their friends, families across various digital platforms. It has also been seen that the majority of the people would prefer watching a video about the product or any service than reading the description. Thus vlogging becomes an essential part of your marketing strategy.

When the question arises on how to blog, many people think it is a tedious job and requires a lot of time and money but it is not that difficult as it may seem. One just needs to pick up their camera and start shooting. Vlogs are a fantastic way to send out a message in a more informal way and a conversational tone adding that human voice and face to your business. It is also helpful in proving the expertise in the field you are in, building more authority, and driving trust towards your business.

By vlogging or using vlogging service, you are increasing your business’s online presence which means more traffic and more brand awareness, rooting onwards more ROI. when it comes to ranking your online site at the top of the Google search engine results page, vlogging is termed to be more beneficial.

To reach a new audience, one needs to make their vlog more interesting, engaging, unique, and personalized. This becomes a key mantra for all the vloggers struggling to get the reach.

How to start vlogging?

For any business to start vlogging, few steps need to keep in mind as they are the building blocks to your success.

  • Firstly, you need to choose a platform where you can reach a wide audience. Various platforms support vlog such asYoutube, Facebook live, Instagram reels, Vimeo, etc.
  • Secondly, create your content according to what is trending and more exciting for an audience to look into. One can also covert their blog into a video format to gain more shares and stand out in the crowd.
  • Thirdly, investing in the right type of hardware or equipment to deliver high-quality videos with animations is necessary. Also, another factor to consider is the audio. Choose microphones that best capture the voice. All these forms an important factor for a business to portray as professionals in what you do.
  • Make use of special effects in your video blogs to stand out from the rest as it will enhance the video.
  • Lastly, influence or prompt your audience to take action using a call to action.

Vlogging requires a lot of brainstorming and the birth of new ideas to be consistent. While your vlogging can service can come up with ideas but one might want to come up with their idea. To help get you success in vlogging, we are going to track you towards it by giving few key ideas that will boost traffic, improve customer relationships and help brand or business mushroom.

Feature customer testimonials

The best way to build trust among your audience is through featuring customer testimonials. Consumers nowadays are very well versed with the technologies and are smart in terms of spending money on a trusted and credible business. They more often look for reviews or testimonials from other customers before buying any product or availing of any service. Therefore, featuring customer testimonials on your online site or social media platforms can help in building loyalty and authenticity.

Introduce your company

Vlogging can help people feel connected with your business. It can be achieved by introducing the people in your company or people behind the camera, the work environment, basically “behind the scenes”. By doing this, you can make them feel like a part of your team. This highlights the face behind the brand i.e brand persona.

Feature interviews

Along with vlogging the “behind the scenes” of your company, you can level up the game of authenticity and humanization by interviewing the managers, CEO of your company, and few industry experts who can give a glimpse about what your brand stands for and how you are different from others.

Vlog your day at the office

Give your customer a sneak peek of what happens in a day at the office. Show them your office spaces, what your responsibilities are, how the employees are happy working together, and the office environment. This enhances transparency to your business by your showing the work culture to your viewers. Let them know that the people behind the brand are genuinely caring and delivers the best output. Remember, consistency is a key to vlogging success. The more frequently you post, the better reach you get.

Show your product and services in vlogs.

One of the best methods to introduce your products is through vlog. People prefer to know about the product features, benefits, and usage through video than the written text. Make it user-friendly for people to view your vlogs at their pace.