In the past few years, “Vlogging” has spawned a large community on social media, becoming one of the most popular forms of digital entertainment. Vlogs have not only been entertaining but also have delivered great context and engagement to the audience.

From the time Pandemic struck, the world had turned upside down and all we had to do was adapt to the Virtual world. It was surely a disadvantage to some, but to the digital world it was a great advantage, digital creators and vloggers kept the audience active and had positive interactions. We were all sitting home and so it was obvious that people would be spending double of their time on their phones. And for vloggers, it was a great opportunity to work on a different type of content and to take time to improve their channels and context.

Also for a fact, Lockdown has not been easy to the Vloggers, creating content every day is not as easy as it looks, also for a good vlog the basic requirement is to have good and sufficient equipment’s, and it takes a lot of processes and brainstorming to think about contents that will be relatable to the audience in general, contents that are out of the box. Because there is a whole different world of Vloggers and every day we see new faces in the Vlogging platform, so it becomes quite challenging for Vloggers to not let their audience sway away from their channels.

A famous Vlogger and Digital creator, Viraj Ghelani, says: ”What should one do to make content worthwhile and relatable to the audience? He says, just look around you, there will be many things and every other thing we have around us holds content. There will be many things that happen with you that others will relate to. It’s all about how we process our thoughts and ideas and it all comes down to observation and brain processing. There will be many other Vloggers with similar context as yours, but the way you display and involve your audience makes your content different from the others.

Vlogging has gained so much value in the past few years, that the competition is unending and it becomes quite challenging for Vloggers to come up with content that has to be shot in a limited space and environment. Before the Pandemic, it was a lot easier to create vlogs, because people could go out easily without restrictions and every day the moment we opened YouTube or any other social media platform a new Vlog popped up; be it a Food Vlog, Travel Vlog and many other things which would happen outside the house, so to create content without any restrictions was much easier at that period. But Lockdown had made Vlogging quite challenging and infarct had made the audience more curious about it. But famous Digital Creators and Vloggers did not lead the audience to disappointment, in fact very smartly and wisely used the whole situation and gave their audience content and vlogs quite related to them.

For example Famous Digital creator and influencer, Dolly Singh had stormed the internet with her amazing content. Her famous character as Guddi Bhabhi ruled the internet and gave everyone a good time watching her videos. She not only created those characters but also involved those characters in the real world and how each character is, her content was so detailed and entertaining of course which gave her a very positive recognition in the Vlogging world. If we ask anyone today, how was your Lockdown, they will surely take Dolly Singh’s name because she had put up content that everyone could relate to. She created videos on ”Different people during Lockdown”, ”Things teacher will say after Covid”, ”When birthday in

Lockdown goes wrong” and the content gets better and better and is just unending, she smartly used Lockdown in all of her videos and it gave her quite a good response from the audience because the phase we were going through during Lockdown, None but Dolly Singh would give relatable content to what people were feeling at that moment and the audience would grow more eager and curious to know what is next. Dolly Singh not only gave out good content, she had the art of how to involve her audience and make them feel like one of the characters in the video and to master that art is quite a bit of a milestone, but Dolly Singh has crossed that, no wonder her content and vlogs are still so indulging and entertaining.

Undoubtedly, if anyone is constantly keeping us busy on social media, it’s the Vloggers who are literally giving their all to create content relatable and entertaining to the audience, giving positive engagement and response. One day we see, “A day in my life” vlog, the other day we see, ”what I eat in a day” and their content just keeps getting better day by day, and we are actually bound to watch their vlogs. Be it entertainment purpose, be it awareness, be it any other trending topic, vloggers have really nailed in the digital Platform. Vlogging has really changed the way we look at Social Media platforms today. Be it from a song to a meme and mostly a sneak peek into the day-to-day lives of our Vloggers, which is keeping us all entertained and alive and has helped the whole world survive the two years of Lockdown and boredom.

In conclusion, Lockdown has benefited Vloggers and has all the attention of the people be it from a kid to an old man, they have really kept us involved and engaged with their vlog videos and have made Vlogging almost a kind of a platform of interaction and creativity. And undoubtedly, Vloggers and the ideation of Vlogging has not left one stone unturned to keep their audience entertained and involved throughout the pandemic and even during the normal times, but have also opened up a whole new world of Creativity and Worldwide Engagement.