Travel Vlogging was a phenomenon that started around in the year 2016 and has now reached a different level on the internet. Now and then we see Travel Vloggers and it is through them we have the advantage to discover new places and tourist attractions just sitting at home. The life of Travel Vloggers seems quite fun and enthusiastic, but to become a successful travel Vlogger in today’s world surely comes from some tips and tactics that are supposed to be kept in mind if one chooses the path of becoming a Travel Vlogger. And if these tips followed diligently then any of us can become a Travel Vlogger.

Here are 9 tips you should follow if you are passionate about becoming a Travel Vlogger:


The first and foremost quality of a Travel Vlogger is how you interact with the crowd and you’ll need to have a niche to stand out from the crowd by doing something interesting and get yourself noticed by the crowd. Just carrying a camera and shooting is not that is all, if you are vlogging at a new place it’s very important to get yourself noticed and let the crowd know what are you exactly doing, that way your Vlog will have more interaction and involvement. Rather than just normally shooting and talking about the place you’ve discovered, as a travel Vlogger you can gather around some people or tourists of that place and involve them in your video. Also as a Travel Blogger to get noticed online is equally important and this can be achieved either by having basic knowledge about SEO and how it works or by marketing yourself and your website. This way it will make your Vlog different and hence on getting noticed there will be a larger crowd gathered and interested in what you’re doing and your Vlog will receive quite a good reach.


Another important tip to keep in mind to become a Travel vlogger is, it is important to follow trends but what’s more important is that you must maintain your originality. And by originality, it means the way you shoot and put your video together and give it a different creation and perspective. You can change the same old Vlogging process and make it more interesting and original. Rather than just showing videos of the beauty and discoveries and just talking about the place and food like how most travel vlogs are, you can be creative in your way, you can be creative with camera angles or have a script or also be a little extra creative on the editing part, that way not only will your Vlog be engaging and different but it will also have originality. This way you can continue to follow trends and create Vlogs on places that are popular but with your own creative style and ideation.


Choosing the path of becoming a Travel Vlogger is all about being passionate and thriving about what you’re doing. The impact of your video comes from the content you want to deliver to the audience and most importantly the impact of your content comes from how you fully do justice to it and how your involvement is the video. Your viewers will get the knowledge of how passionate you are by just looking at your Vlog. Whatever the content may be put it out there enthusiastically, be it from the shooting to the editing part, a little extra effort won’t do any harm. Your video has been to enthusiastically engaged. Believe in your content and most importantly work hard and passionately on how will you put up your content out there in your Vlog and how will your viewers have the idea of just by the look of your Vlog that your content holds quite a good impact.


The basic tip as a Travel Vlogger is to interact with your audience that are your followers or subscribers. You have shot your video, edited it and then what, you need to share your Vlog to the audience, but just you alone sharing is not enough.

So, as a Travel Vlogger, you’ll need to keep connections, it is necessary for you to keep interacting with your audience, you’ll need to find people to share your content with— even if it’s a small audience it matters, it all starts from a scratch. Find an audience who can share your Vlog videos, you need to find people with whom you can collaborate with or collaborate with other Vloggers or businesses and that way your Vlog gets more reach out and more attention is involved to your Vlogs. Interact with your audience more often and give them hints about your next content, this way your audience will be more curious to know what’s in your next Vlog and when you put up your vlog you’ll already have people who were waiting for it and that way your Vlogs will have positive growth. Share with audiences and cross-pollinate with other people doing similar stuff to you.


Today Social Media is the platform where you can get access to anything and everything you want. Anything that makes its way to Social media becomes the talk of the town. But as a Travel Vlogger, you must keep in mind that there is a very vast and unending competition between Vloggers. The tip is to understand how Social Media Platforms work because on the one hand Social Media is a platform of wide engagement and interaction but sometimes few contents might also get unintentionally ignored. This can be stopped from happening if you have the basic knowledge about social media platforms and how it works. You’ll need to be aware of the fact that your content or your post shouldn’t be ignored by the audience, and this is possible if you have basic knowledge about what is the best time to posts on Social Media Platforms. As a Travel Vlogger, you will have to keep a check on which is the best time when most of the audience are active on Social Media and then post and share your content accordingly. Also, YouTube is the best platform for Vloggers, but there will be many other vlogs that will keep getting updated every minute on YouTube, to make your Vlog stand out and not get it lost in the crowd, you’ll need to interact with your audience and keep giving them hints about the content you will be sharing, this way your Vlog will reach to the maximum audience possible as they will be curiously waiting to know what kind of content you will share. Make use of the new features of Instagram and Facebook as of today these Social Media Platforms have more audience engagement and people are much more active on these platforms as per studies. This will help your Vlog go viral not only on YouTube but also reach other social media directions and platforms.


Vlogging is about 10% equipment and 90% story. The basic tip to become a Travel Vlogger is, there is no need for you to waste your money on expensive cameras or audio equipments. People will end up watching your Vlog because of your content and creativity and not because of the expensive equipment you have or not because your video was shot in 4K. Today almost all Vlogs are done using Smartphone, to begin with, start shooting with your phone, it’s not required to have a fancy camera and it’s never that way. Your Vlog will reach the audience because of the content that you will deliver and the creative ways you’ll tell the story, people will not want to know which model of camera or audio equipment you had used, what they’ll be more interested to see is how passionately you put up your Vlog. As a beginner do not make that mistake.

Well, later when you continue Travel Vlogging and once you’ve built up some momentum and once you’ve crossed the level of a beginner you can polish your Vlogs by buying a simple handy camera but remember take small steps don’t jump too far. Because better equipment will only make your Vlog marginally better. It’s the story and the content that counts.


Start your Travel Vlog because you are passionate about travelling and to be an example and inspire others to travel more and not because of money. It’s quite challenging to make Travel Vlogging your career in the very beginning. If you love doing it make it your hobby or passion and enjoy doing it, and if you feel like you’re not enjoying what you’re doing and Travel Vlogging is not your cup of tea you’ll still have the option to switch. But, keep in mind don’t do Travel vlogging with the expectation that you’ll make money. Once you start Travel Vlogging and you build up a good audience do not directly jump into the decision of making it a career. First, start it off as a hobby and then you’ll learn more. To become a professional in any field or career be it Travel Vlogging or an Artist, it takes a lot of practice, learning and experience to turn these hobbies into a career. Jumping to the conclusion of making it a career and money out of it will be a very naive decision and you’ll need to keep in mind as a Travel Vlogger, it’s not about money but it’s about you loving and enjoying what you’re doing.


Your Travel Vlogs shouldn’t just simply be videos that are fun and exciting to watch. As a Travel Vlogger, you’ll need to deliver a certain message to the audience through your content. We see many Travel Vlogs every day, you’ll need to think and process how will your Vlog make a difference. Starting with, be honest with the content that you put up, be honest about the reviews and feedback you give about the places you visit. There is no need to sugar-coat about anything, because in the end, you are inspiring others by giving them the knowledge about the place and why they should visit it, just be honest and stay true to your content.

Secondly have a specific purpose, before you decide to become a Travel Vlogger know what is the purpose behind it, despite the fact you love doing it, what is the purpose behind you making Travel Vlogs and what makes your Vlogs different from others. Have a motive on why you want to become a Travel Vlogger and why you want to inspire others to travel and explore nature, wildlife and discover more.


The Vlogs you create shows the kind of personality you have. Don’t be afraid of showing your personality to your audience. That’s how you’ll stay true to yourself and your audience and will assure them of genuine content. As a Travel Vlogger interacting and socialising is very important and for that, you will need to be vocal about your journey and yourself. Don’t be afraid to make Vlogs where you are fully yourself, your audience will love you for just the way you are. Not only will you give out a positive attitude but you’ll as well share a part of you with your audience who are no less than your family. Be genuine to yourself and that will surely help you climb the steps of becoming a Travel Vlogger.

These tips hopefully will help you get on the right track of becoming a successful Travel Vlogger. If you feel that Travel vlogging is what excites you and you want to give it a try, then go for it because as already mentioned it’s not about the expensive equipment, start by filming with your Phone as simple as that and just get on track. Once you realise you are loving what you’re doing then there shouldn’t be any looking back. It all starts with passion and to become a Travel Vlogger being passionate is the key to achieve success. Follow these tips and let the crowd see how passionate you are about Travelling, exploring and discovering, through your Vlogs.