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The founders of Indus University aim to provide best quality education to their students. Believing in extensive growth, noticeable steps are taken whenever required to prepare students for the commercial industry worldwide. It would be best to say that every activity at Indus is practiced to elevate the level of education.

The three pillars on which this university firmly stands on are – educational wisdom, professional brilliance, and research & innovation, all of which are aimed at nurturing a spirit of entrepreneurship and social responsibility.

In association with Indus University, B.Sc. (Hons.) in Aircraft Maintenance is provided to the AME students of WIIA as an option to further improve their career prospects.

Today everyone needs a good job without applying many efforts for them, there is a great scope in the aviation industry where they are free from mental pressure as it is growing height with every new day. This profession is quite exciting as it is full of travel and involves flexible work timings and has low work pressure in comparison to other professions. The career of aviation not only helps to safeguard your status financially but it also offers good salary packages along with good designations.

Our mission is to help the classrooms transition from Teaching spaces to Learning spaces. Children should develop confidence to ask questions and express their thoughts, do new things and not be afraid to make mistakes, and develop respect for all forms of work, people and things.

tickLinks has over 8,000 high quality lesson plans for Class 1-10th covering - Maths, EVS, Science, English and SST. These are open links and freely accessible. We are translating these plans to Hindi. We have CBSE and various state board curriculum – Punjab, Assam, Jharkhand, Meghalaya, Assam - and are working on others.